ICE Scotland says new first minister must address infrastructure ‘resiliency’


ICE Scotland director Ben Westland has urged new first minister Humza Yousaf to address the resiliency of the nation’s infrastructure.

Mr Westland also stressed the importance of decarbonising infrastructure so that it can play a role in meeting ambitious environmental goals.

“ICE Scotland congratulates Humza Yousaf MSP on his appointment as first minister of Scotland,” Ben Westland said. “We would welcome continued investment in new and existing infrastructure, particularly addressing the climate related resiliency of Scotland’s current infrastructure, ensuring our roads, railways, canals, ports and water and power systems can withstand the environmental changes Scotland is and will continue to face in the coming years.

“Secondly, as Scotland strives towards its 2045 net zero target, it is vital that the country’s infrastructure sees the necessary investment and adaptations to decarbonise and play a significant role in our just transition to a low carbon economy.”