Construction charity gives backing to Men’s Health Week

THE Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is backing Men’s Health Week from June 12-19 by raising awareness of the resources they have to support construction workers.

With one in five men dying before the age of 65 and the construction workforce being 87% male, it is vital to increase awareness of preventable health problems.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said that, when it comes to physical health, regular GP check-ups, reducing salt and sugar intake, going for daily walks, reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, and enjoying a nutritious breakfast every day can all be beneficial.

In terms of mental health, joining a community group, talking to someone, taking up a hobby, volunteering, getting a good night’s sleep, and adopting relaxation techniques, are recommended.

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, said, “Our construction industry is 87% male, which is why it’s incredibly important for us to provide the right support and encourage them to be healthy for work and for life. As a charity we provide holistic support across all aspects of emotional, physical and financial wellbeing and we strive to provide education and information so that where possible people can help themselves and be pro-active in developing a healthy lifestyle.

“We’ve had a fantastic response to recent campaigns highlighting skin health, stress, prostate cancer and healthy sleeping and we will continue to provide pro-active resources for our workforce.

“We’re here for everyone who works in the construction industry and allied trades, including their families, and all our support services are completely free. Whether you want specific advice from one of our trained advisors through our helpline or text support service, or access to learning resources through our Self Support App, there is a route to support for everyone.” 

The charity offers:

  • 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline offering free and confidential emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support with translation services for those that need extra support.
  • Construction Industry Helpline Self Support App which complements the helpline and signposts to over 3000 accredited organisations offering specialist support.
  • Free text HARDHAT service that gives immediate access to text back counselling
  • Lighthouse Beacons. 160 volunteer centres across the country that offer a safe place to meet in a confidential environment.
  • CPD accredited Wellbeing Masterclasses covering topics such as Managing Stress, Coping with Anxiety and Building Resilience to name just a few.

To access these resources and find out more, visit the charity’s Mens Health Campaign page.