Edinburgh start-up secures more funding to develop risk management tool for construction of buildings

AN Edinburgh start-up has landed an additional Innovate UK grant to continue its development of an AI-driven bio-safety assessment tool for the construction of buildings.

Data Innovation.AI is investing in the development of its WorkSafeAI solution – a tool designed to ensure that new commercial properties are pre-assessed for pandemic safety.

The tool delivers a new artificial intelligence approach, ‘Decision Intelligence’ (DI), which is used to run thousands of simulations using the latest epidemic modelling within the building designs.

Funding was granted through Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund after the firm enlisted the support of The Data Lab’s external funding service to help with the application. Innovate UK executive chair, Dr Ian Campbell, said, “Data Innovation.AI’s work, along with every initiative Innovate UK has supported through this fund, is an important step forward in driving sustainable economic development.”

Robert Walker, CAO at Data Innovation.AI, added, “Covid-19 has revealed risks inherent in large structures where people congregate for work, business and leisure. In the same way we design buildings for fire safety, air quality and water safety, we must now consider the continuous health of occupants, including infections transmitted through the workplace.

“As we return to our workplaces, these bio-safety issues will become ever more important, and we just need to look at the southern hemisphere which has largely avoided its flu season due to the same measures being used to counter Covid-19.”