SGN seeks approval for green hydrogen network in Fife

GAS distributor SGN is seeking approval from Ofgem for the build of a 100% zero-carbon hydrogen network in Levenmouth, which will produce hydrogen via an electrolysis plant powered by the offshore renewable energy catapult’s nearby offshore wind turbine.

The proposed H100 Fife project will run alongside the current natural gas system, with SGN saying it will demonstrate ‘every aspect of an end-to-end hydrogen-to-homes system to support plans for a large scale roll-out in the future.’

The development is part of the national Gas Goes Green initiative, which comprises of a series of projects looking to prove the viability of hydrogen for heat. The schemes share an objective to demonstrate how the UK’s gas network can provide a ‘clear and cost-effective’ to pathway to decarbonise heat through hydrogen at low cost, at pace and at scale.

Angus McIntosh, director of energy futures at SGN, said, “Hydrogen is an exciting energy vector that at scale could provide similar levels of safe, secure, reliable and affordable energy to what we enjoy now, with minimal disruption for customers.

“The project will provide key national evidence for hydrogen’s role in the UK’s energy transition and critical insight into the customer value proposition of hydrogen for heat”.

SGN said that the system will be designed and built to ensure ‘at least’ the same safety and reliability standards expected from the current gas system. An on-site storage unit will hold enough hydrogen to ensure supply wont be disrupted during even the coldest of weather conditions, the firm added.