Issues with fire and electrical systems found in Edinburgh children’s hospital

THE second and final part of a review into the compliance of all building systems at Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Children and Young People has been released.

The latest NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) report has concluded that remedial work is required within the fire and electrical systems. The report comes a month on from NSS’ first review, which outlined issues with ventilation and water systems that also need resolved.

NHS Lothian has responded by publishing a programme of activity to address the findings in the latest NSS report. A wider action plan bringing together both reports is expected to follow.

Scottish Government health secretary Jeane Freeman said, “The safety and well-being of all patients and their families has always been and will remain top priority, and I am truly sorry for any impact the current situation has had on them.

“I’ve written to staff again today to keep them informed of the latest developments and to express my continuing gratitude for their dedication and professionalism. Over the past few months they have continued to provide high-quality clinical services and care in what have been very difficult and disappointing circumstances.

“This second report from NSS has identified remedial and improvement work required within the fire and electrical systems and that will be factored into a wider plan of work being taken forward to ensure safety at the RHCYP and DCN.

“As I set out in Parliament last month, I expect the DCN to move in spring 2020, with the rest of the Children’s Hospital migrating to the new site in autumn next year.”