James Donaldson and Sons invests in defibrillators for 31 sites

Mark Murphy

JAMES Donaldson and Sons has invested in Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for all 31 of its UK sites.

An AED is a portable device that delivers an electric shock to the heart, which can potentially allow a normal rhythm to resume in an individual following sudden cardiac arrest.

James Donaldson and Sons has also registered its on-site AEDs on The Scottish Ambulance and Emergency Service website, as well as Heart Safe, a public access defibrillator website. The AEDs are now publicly available for people located close to sites to use during working hours.

Mark Murphy, integrated systems manager at James Donaldson and Sons said, “Most people can only imagine the impact a cardiac arrest can have, but speaking from personal experience, I understand the devastating impact on the person’s family and work colleagues. We spend a significant amount of time with our work colleagues; we talk to them, we know their families, we socialise with them, and in line with our proud family business ethos, they become our extended family.

“The defibrillators mean that we are now able to provide assistance in the event of a first aid emergency, which could ultimately be the difference between life and death. The investment further demonstrates our commitment to putting health and safety first in everything we do.”