Glasgow construction firm earns customer service recognition

GLASGOW’S City Building has announced it has been awarded with a Customer Service Excellence award.

Awarded by the Customer Service Excellence Standard, several aspects of the business were considered  including customer insight, workplace culture and quality of service. After a formal assessment was carried out, the construction firm said it was successful in all five measurable criteria.

City Building also achieved seven “Compliance Plus” elements, which highlights “exceptional and exemplary” practices. These areas included reaching disadvantaged groups, training and development for staff and supporting the wider community.

Dr Graham Paterson, executive director of City Building said, “We are thrilled to have been granted a Customer Service Excellence award. We always work hard to improve our services and delivering a high standard of quality to each of our customers is at the core to our business. Being awarded such an important accolade really means a lot to us. I’d like to thank the entire City Building workforce for their continuous hard work and efforts in making this happen.”

City Building provides services including the construction of new builds, repairs and maintenance, manufacturing and training.