DM Hall merges Livingston family firm into its operations

Graeme Pollock

DM Hall has announced it has reached agreement with Livingston-based JA Pollock Property Consultants to merge its business into DM Hall’s Scottish operations.

Established in 1997 by Jim Pollock, who is now set to retire, JA Pollock Property Consultants initially provided property advice to local businesses. Today it assists in the acquisition, development, leasing and sale of all types of non-residential property to a range of investors and developers specialising in business space.

Pollock currently has a stock in excess of 100 properties spread across Livingston and the West Lothian area. A director of the firm, Graeme Pollock, will join DM Hall as commercial agency director running the east of Scotland agency operation.

Michael Court, partner and head of the DM Hall’s east Commercial team said, “JA Pollock is a well respected property business and the major player in the West Lothian market. We are very pleased to have come to an agreement to merge its business into our national operations although it will continue to trade under its own name.

“We are delighted, too, that Graeme Pollock, who has headed the business for a number of years has chosen to join DM Hall. He will lead our agency operations in the east, working between our Edinburgh office and Livingston.”

Graeme Pollock said, “Merging our family-owned business into DM Hall represents a tremendous opportunity to capitalise on all the hard work put in over the years by the JA Pollock team. I believe our experience and expertise will be a major asset to the firm and look forward to with great excitement to the next stage in our journey.”