Hardies office move aids integration plans

Murray Warner

HARDIES Property & Construction Consultants has relocated its Edinburgh office from East London Street to join its colleagues from Shepherd Chartered Surveyors in the city’s New Town.

The move comes 12 months after a merger of the two businesses. Hardies said the move has been undertaken to “fully integrate Hardies and Shepherd staff to facilitate both businesses operating together to maximise their offerings across all surveying disciplines”.

Murray Warner, partner at Hardies said, “This is an exciting step forward for both businesses, and already we are seeing the results of the staff integration. We are able to offer added value and benefit to our clients with a larger and more diverse knowledge base and expertise covering all surveying disciplines.

“Hardies can now offer its property and construction-based clients an array of added services, such as valuations, finding sites or premises, acquisitions, lettings and disposals.”

George Brewster, managing partner at Hardies and senior partner at Shepherd added, “One year after our merger, 12 months of activity has seen us become one of the leading property advisers in the UK. Our commercial agency and construction services operation has expanded throughout Scotland over the course of the last few years, and clients are now seeing the benefit of not just an efficient agency operation, but also practical solutions to problematic property assets that can add and release value for clients.”