Offsite manufacturing delivers high quality and affordable housing

FOLLOWING extensive research and development into opportunities to improve the efficiency and speed of the construction process, CCG has become a proponent of offsite manufacturing to deliver cost-effective and high quality housing solutions.

In bringing this approach to the marketplace, CCG have invested £12 million in a 130,000 square feet Offsite Manufacturing facility in Cambuslang. This semi-automated production hub has a production capability of 3,000 buildings per annum and offers clients flexibility in the delivery of timber systems, from a structural kit to enhanced panel solutions inclusive of insulation, internal wall linings, windows, doors and external claddings. CCG is also advantaged by iQ Lab – the company’s research and development division – to engage specialists throughout the design and build process.

CCG will utilise offsite manufacturing processes in its membership of the £3bn UK-wide framework SID. The Social Infrastructure Development framework is run by NPS and will help deliver projects that span the public sector, from schools and housing through to police stations and care homes. CCG is also a member of the ‘Panelised Systems’ Framework for public sector procurement consortium LHC which is designed to support public sector organisations in accessing the best value, quality solutions for projects.

Calum Murray, Director, CGG (Scotland) Ltd, said, “To truly achieve the benefits of offsite manufacturing, CCG believes success lies in the integration of the offsite and onsite processes.

“The key lies with the early engagement of designers to ensure adoption of a ‘design for manufacture’ philosophy. This will ensure product and production optimisation which will deliver, under factory conditions, speed, efficiency and economy to unrivalled quality standards.

“We then complete the process by transporting the new homes to site for final erection by our skilled trades teams.”

As a member of the City Legacy consortium, CCG utilised offsite manufacturing to deliver 237 of the 700 mixed tenure homes built for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village. This enabled a remarkably short build period of 15 months to be achieved, completed seven months ahead of build programme, with a typical terrace of eight high quality townhouses being erected in just 10 days.

CASE STUDY:  The Village

The Athletes’ Village in Glasgow is one of the most unique and significant urban developments in the UK.  It has been delivered, on time and on budget, by by the indigenous City Legacy consortium of which CCG is a full equity partner and founding member .

‘The Village’ provided homes for athletes and officials during the Commonwealth Games and following an extensive retrofit has now been transformed into a residential community with 700 homes, a 120-bed care home, amenities and public spaces. A primary school will also be built within the heart of the development.

There has been high demand for homes, with the first sales releases selling out in record time.

New homes there benefit from power, heating and hot water generated from a state-of-the-art energy centre that is 40 per cent more efficient than conventional heating systems, meaning much lower fuel bills.

Affordability, sustainability, community, regeneration and environmentally friendly are all words and phrases which describe the development which created over 600 jobs during the construction process, including 88 apprentices.

The winners of no fewer than 21 national  awards for the development, City Legacy is proud to be the driving force behind The Village which has, along with the  additional facilities which were built for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, breathed life into the new and thriving east end of Glasgow, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

CCG Chairman and Chief Executive Alistair Wylie said, “CCG is delighted to have been involved throughout this regeneration project to create the first large scale low carbon development in Scotland.

“The construction technology, adopted a fabric first approach and produced exceptional low carbon, high quality homes which are every inch an exemplar for off-site delivery.”