Date set for Twitter Q&A on heights


THE Access Industry Forum has set the date for the UK’s first ever Twitter Symposium devoted exclusively to working at height in the workplace.

Starting at 11.00am on Wednesday, 16 April, it will take the form of a one-hour question and answer session and offer a unique opportunity to put questions to experts in every sector of the industry.
Experts in everything from ladders, mobile access towers, MEWPs and personal protective equipment to industrial rope access, edge protection, personal protective equipment and façade access will be standing by.
To take part you simply have to tweet a question and include the hashtag #WAHQ, or direct the question to @AIFworkatheight. Anyone who would prefer not use Twitter can send in a question by email. All questions will be answered through tweets during the event, and questions sent in by email will also receive their response in email format afterwards.
AIF director Peter Bennett said: “This first-time event represents a quick and convenient way for managers, supervisors and users to get answers about any aspect of working at height. It has certainly not been possible before without people having to attend a physical event such as a seminar or exhibition.”