Eco home to prompt Morrison expansion?

A series of energy-efficient homes will be built on the BRE Innovation Park.

Apprentices learn new building skills

WHAT is claimed to be one of Scotland’s ‘greenest’ houses has been completed in Lanarkshire.
The eco home, designed by AppleGreen Homes and built in partnership with contractor Morrison Scotland, is on the BRE Innovation Park at Ravenscraig. It is the first new build to be constructed and project managed by Morrison who said it provides an “exciting new area” for expansion.
Construction took eight weeks and allowed Morrison to train its apprentices on elements of construction that they would not normally encounter in a repair and maintenance company. The apprentices carried out much of the building under the supervision of qualified mentors.
The three-bedroom property is on plot 1 of the site and meets all Building Standards up to 2016.
Designed with input from Glasgow Caledonian University, the house is built from a steel modular frame and is highly insulated and airtight to ensure very low energy bills. Solar power means the property can provide much of its own hot water, heating and electricity.
Willie Docherty, managing director at Morrison Scotland, said he hoped the company would be able to work in partnership with Apple Green to construct more energy efficient homes for the social housing market.
“It has also been a great experience for our apprentices who have not only been able to try their hand at new build construction but have been able to learn about energy efficient building, which will undoubtedly become increasingly relevant during their working lives.”

Image – A series of energy-efficient homes will be built on the BRE Innovation Park.