‘Safe in the sun’ message getting through to outdoor construction workers


NEW research has found that campaigns to increase awareness about the dangers of outdoor working in the summer months are helping to get the safety-first message through.

A survey of roofing professionals was undertaken by Marley to coincide with the launch of the company’s annual ‘Safe in the Sun’ campaign.

Results show that most contractors (81%) are ‘extremely aware’ of the dangers of working outside in the heat, with many able to recognise the common signs associated with the onset of dangerous conditions such as heatstroke.

A select group of contractors took part in the poll and over four fifths felt they could recognise the important signs and symptoms of heatstroke, including tiredness, dizziness, vomiting, excessive sweating and becoming pale and clammy.

Knowledge of how to counter the possibility of threatening conditions such as heatstroke was broad across the majority of respondents. 85% said wearing loose fitting light coloured and lightweight clothing would help, alongside applying sun protection to skin (79%), taking regular breaks in the shade (74%), and drinking plenty of fluids (38%).

68% of those polled said their employers regularly communicated with them about the topic. However, nearly a fifth (18%) said the issue had never been discussed at their place of work, highlighting work still needs to be done to help keep outdoor workers safe.

Marley continues to reinforce the message that all outdoor roofing and construction workers should proactively protect themselves from heat-related conditions such as heatstroke and sunburn.

The firm is giving away a limited number of branded t-shirts alongside a branded cooling towel.

Annabelle Brayford, group head of safety, health and environment for Marley, said, “In these health-conscious times, the importance of taking outdoor working conditions seriously is more relevant than ever. Climate change means summers are set to get hotter, and we urge outdoor workers to protect themselves by taking a few simple measures and ensure they can continue to work safely.

“Our survey makes for welcome reading, with many workers and employers taking care to protect themselves and their staff, but we need to continue to remind all who could be in danger. We are committed to supporting the construction industry so that workers are fully aware of the risks and the simple things they can do to mitigate them.”