Knauf Insulation to invest in low-carbon rock mineral wool factory

The factory will address growing demand for low-carbon, non-combustible insulation

KNAUF Insulation has announced plans to invest circa €200 million in a new rock mineral wool factory to serve the UK market.

The facility, with an annual capacity in excess of 100,000 tonnes, will utilise low-carbon electric melting technology, demonstrating a commitment to meet the growing market demand for sustainable, non-combustible insulation solutions.

Through this investment, Knauf Insulation said it will achieve two key goals by decarbonising and significantly increasing its UK supply of rock mineral wool products, in addition to its existing Queensferry plant.

Neil Hargreaves, Knauf Insulation’s MD for northern Europe, said, “Following the €50 million+ investment across our two UK glass mineral wool plants in 2023/4, this represents another exciting development for the business and our valued customers, as well as a further sign of confidence from Knauf Group in the future growth of the UK and northern European mineral wool markets. The investment represents a step change in the capacity, capability, and sustainability of our UK rock mineral wool solutions, whilst significantly contributing towards Knauf Group’s ambitious sustainability goals.”

It is anticipated the additional capacity will become available in 2026. Knauf Insulation added that it is engaged with authorities to select the most competitive location for the facility, in order to maximise its future success. More updates will follow as the project progresses.