Arclin launches integrated weather barrier system for timber frame homes

US manufacturer Arclin is launching Arctek Dryshell, described as the UK’s first integrated weather barrier system that provides an alternative to traditional housewrap products for timber framed homes.

Arctek Dryshell is a precision-engineered overlay designed to create a waterproof barrier to protect the surface of the wood based panel. It acts as a vapour control layer, promoting thorough drying to the outside and said to offer better prevention of air leakage than housewrap products.

It is applied within the factory, which helps speed up build programmes and reduce costs.

“Unlike traditional housewrap, Arctek Dryshell is thermally-bonded to OSB or plywood sheathing boards used for timber frame walls and roofs, SIP systems and cassettes so it doesn’t need to be installed separately,” explained Brian Adams, senior director of international business at Arclin. “This removes an entire stage of the construction process, so will appeal to housebuilders because it reduces time and costs.

“But that’s a real performance benefit too. Housewrap is loose so there’s a danger of it tearing during installation, due to wind or because of work undertaken by other trades. Using panels with Arctek Dryshell gives architects and housebuilders reassurance that the building’s thermal, air tightness and moisture resistance performance won’t be compromised.”

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