Groundforce Shorco confirms upgrade of online design tool

GROUNDFORCE Shorco has announced the introduction of an ‘industry first’ in temporary works solutions.

Engineers and temporary works coordinators are set to get ‘unprecedented access’ to create their own trench and manhole box designs, thanks to an upgrade of an online design tool.

YourSolution+, the latest development in the YourSolution evolution, creates a design bespoke to individual sites, with detailed soil profiles and bespoke surcharges in just a few clicks.

Groundforce explained that the tool can be used by anyone who can confidently provide a verbal soil profile. Soil profiles are instantly converted into load patterns based on industry best practice.

YourSolution+ also includes the flexibility to allow ‘qualified and competent’ users to customise and select their own parameters. Using built-in engineering calculations, the tool will create real-time design documentation and technical drawings exclusive to your excavation, for the company’s range of boxes. CO2e per hire will also be included on each downloaded design.

Anil Govind, Groundforce’s marketing and customer services director, said, “YourSolution+ is a great addition to our already successful YourSolution tool. The demand for box designs is continuously growing and this latest innovation provides customers with the same engineering tools of our in-house design team, allowing for bespoke designs which can also be checked by our very own technical team, increasing ease and speed without comprising safety.”