CCG delivers major fire door replacement project in South Lanarkshire

THE CCG Group has successfully concluded a major fire door replacement programme in South Lanarkshire.

Undertaken on behalf of South Lanarkshire Council, the firm supplied and installed over 2,253 FD60 flat entrance and common door sets in 10 high-rise residential flatted blocks, across East Kilbride and Cambuslang in just 18 months.

Lister Tower, East Kilbride

CCG has now begun a second, multi-phased programme with over 1,700 door sets supporting a further 1,000 residences in East Kilbride, Cambuslang, Hamilton. and Rutherglen as part of a 12-month, £5.4 million work stream.

FD60 doors are designed to mitigate the spread of fire, gases, and smoke in a building for 60 minutes with the purpose of protecting lives and the remainder of the building or other buildings around it.

CCG’s doors are fabricated using engineered timber, which is naturally fire-resistant, from the firm’s bespoke manufacturing premises in Cambuslang. They are then installed by their in-house planned maintenance division, Asset Management.  

CCG Asset Management manager, Jim Cunningham, said, CCG first launched as a small heating and plumbing contractor in 1974. These are services that Asset Management is still responsible for to this day, including fire door replacements, so the completion of this multi-phase programme carries a lot of significance as it truly highlights how our division and wider business has grown and evolved fifty years on.

“I give thanks to South Lanarkshire Council for their support over the last 18 months as well as their commitment to CCG with the award of a second, multi-phase programme.

“I also give thanks to our staff; from CCG Manufacturing and their team working on the factory floor to our AM installation squads and tenant liaison officers, each and every person was instrumental in executing quality workmanship and first-class customer service.

“We look forward to working with council and tenants from across the region again over the next 12 months.”