Active travel audits commence in South Ayrshire

VOLUNTEERS from South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI) have teamed up with engineer specialist Sweco to audit active travel routes in South Ayrshire.

The audits, led by Sweco and supported by SAPI, will look at the work required to enhance the routes such as drainage, wayfinding, surfacing, and required seating areas. The initial audited route stretched from Alloway to Barassie/Troon via Prestwick and additional active travel routes will be audited over the coming months.

Colin Clark from SAPI said, “We walk and cycle these routes frequently so it’s easy for us to give an immediate impression of things that can easily be improved. Although we’re keen for volunteers to join us to assist with route audits and repairs. All this work will make it easier for people to walk, cycle or wheel the routes and enjoy the outdoors.  It’s great to get the work done before the weather improves and more people are out and about.”

There are currently more than 100 miles of active travel routes, known as The Ayrshire Link, either proposed or in different stages of development across South and East Ayrshire.

Ayrshire Roads Alliance, who manage the active travel routes, are also keen to hear from community groups who are aware of local pathway works that may be required.

David Manson, special project officer, Ayrshire Roads Alliance, commented, “We really rely on community groups to report any non-emergency faults they are aware of. For example, if there is signage that needs replaced or road markings that need to be updated, we’re keen to know about it.”