Forster Group to install hundreds of solar panels for Dundee care home provider

ROOFING and solar provider Forster Group has been appointed by Priority Care to install 280 solar panels at two of its Dundee care homes.

The organisation is investing £210,000 to future-proof the buildings and make them more energy efficient. Work is due to be completed this month at the newly refurbished Harestane Care Home, situated to the north of the city. Forster Group will install 144 solar panels with a total capacity of 58.32 kilowatt peak (kWp) and two inverters to convert the DC power from the PV modules into AC power.

Forster explained that the system will generate approximately 45 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy annually with the investment recouped through energy savings over a period of approximately nine years. Around 75% of energy generated will help to power the care home’s amenities, including a hydrotherapy swimming pool, commercial kitchen and laundry.

The firm will also be installing 136 panels, with a capacity of 57.12 kWp, and two inverters at Priority Care’s St Columba’s Care Home near the city centre. Similar to Harestane, this installation will deliver around 45 MWh of renewable energy with a payback period of just under seven years.

It is estimated St Columba’s Care Home will use around 90% of energy generated by the panels which will help to power the home’s fully electric heating system, along with commercial washers and dryers in its in-house laundry. Work is due to be completed in February.

Andy Prior, director of Priority Care, said, “Using solar power to future-proof our buildings is something we have been considering for a number of years. The huge increase in energy costs was the real driver and pushed us to move ahead with our plans. This is a very significant investment for Priority Care. We are delighted with the results at Harestane and look forward to seeing work start at St Columba’s in the new year.

“We wanted to make sure we were choosing the most experienced and reliable provider. Choosing to work with Forster Group was easy as the team are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. From the very beginning, the process has been simple and straightforward and the team are always on hand to answer questions. We were also provided with a clear programme of work at Harestane, allowing us to provide the necessary communication for residents and their families.”

Bruce Raffell, commercial director at Forster Group, added, “We are passionate about working closely with local businesses to help them generate their own energy from solar. We are pleased to be supporting Priority Care as it takes steps to future-proof its buildings and become more energy efficient. This will ensure they can continue to provide the very best care for residents.

“Large buildings with un-shaded roofs, like care homes, can present ideal conditions for solar panels. We are committed to leading the way in solar best practice and our team provides a comprehensive in-house service focused on delivering the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers.”