Roof tile manufacturer reconfigures Natural Tile range

CONCRETE roof tile manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles (RRT) has announced it is refreshing one of its product ranges at a time of ‘continued market demand’.

The firm said that, using latest manufacturing techniques, concrete roof tiles are ‘increasingly leading the market’ with the growth of larger, thinner formats offering a ‘lighter weight and sustainable alternative’ to natural tiles.

These tiles are man-made versions of tiles that match the indigenous look of materials widely used on roofs across the UK, the company added.

Thinner leading-edge tiles are described as one of the fastest and largest growing ranges of concrete tiles across the roofing industry and the leading tile produced by Russell Roof Tiles.

At two thirds the thickness of a normal tile, thinner leading-edge products are also said to be easier to handle than their natural counterparts. This larger format tile can offer the appearance of small format slates, while its size means the product can be laid in less time.

Because of this sector growth and demand, Russell Roof Tiles has reconfigured its thinner leading-edge Natural Range that replicates the appearance of natural slate, clay and stone.

RRT aded that other developments within the industry and specifically the forthcoming changes under the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) have sped up the company’s reconfiguration process.

Bute launched in 2016 and is being renamed as Lothian 145.  The Lothian 145 denotes the 145mm head lap required to provide the small format appearance. It is a sister product to the original Lothian thinner leading-edge tile, which has a mock joint and hidden interlock. RRT explained that the tile is laid broken bond and creates a small format tile appearance whilst offering the commercial benefits of a concrete tile.

The simplification of the new Lothian 145 name is designed to ensure customers can more easily select the right product. For example, ordering the Lothian 145 will automatically ensure the correct vent tile and other accessories are specified and supplied to suit the correct gauge.

RRT said customers who have previously specified Bute can be assured that the reconfigured Lothian 145 retains all the ‘characteristics, performance and aesthetics’ that have made it a ‘trusted choice’ for housebuilders and developers.

Alan Young, regional sales director at Russell Roof Tiles, said, “This simplification of our product name, and the creation of Lothian 145 makes the specification and order process much easier for customers. Lothian 145 retains the characteristics, performance and aesthetic appeal they expect from our products.

” The new name aims to simplify and enhance the overall customer experience while maintaining the high standards Russell Roof Tiles is known for.”