Calls made for new national outcome for housing


HOMES for Scotland (HFS) has called on the Scottish Government to introduce a new national outcome for housing ‘if progress is to be made in providing enough homes for the people of Scotland’.

Responding to a Scottish Government National Outcomes Review, HFS highlights the need for a new standalone Outcome directly related to housing and supporting the right to an adequate home.

HFS chief executive, Jane Wood, said, “Having a safe and secure home is a fundamental human need, with adequate housing recognised as part of the human right to an adequate standard of living, yet it is one that many people in Scotland do not have – demonstrated by the 110,000 shortfall in homes that has accumulated since 2007.

“With housing underpinning the ambition of a wellbeing economy, it seems incredulous that it isn’t already an Outcome in its own right, sitting alongside the likes of health and education.  This review is therefore crucial to rectifying that and to creating a housing focus which still isn’t visible enough.

“As well as supporting the Scottish Government’s recent appointment of a dedicated Minister and its “Housing to 2040” vision, this would provide a stronger platform to promote the fundamental role that home plays in all of our lives and encourage more joined-up policy-making across portfolios.

“We stand ready to assist the Scottish Government in whatever way we can to ensure that everyone has a place that they can call home.”