Consider roof space when tackling mould

HOUSING providers are being urged to consider roof space when tackling mould.

Klober said mould and damp can lead to health risks such respiratory problems, infections and allergies, and the worsening of existing conditions such as asthma.

According to experts at the firm, while moisture in the roof is not always evident from the main body of the house, the space should be factored in when mitigating condensation.  Moisture building up and saturated insulation can lead to staining and even mould growth on the ceiling below.

Nick King, portfolio manager at Klober, said, “While many who have a stake in housing management may be aware of how to mitigate moisture build up in the main body of a property, often the roof space is overlooked due to how little it is occupied. However, damp is a common occurrence if effective roof ventilation isn’t considered and can act as a catalyst for mould formation in rooms below.

“Prolonged condensation exposure can also cause structural issues within the building itself, such as rot. By sourcing effective and regulation-compliant roof ventilation solutions to futureproof properties, housing associations can ensure resident wellbeing while preventing costly and time-consuming repairs.”

More information on recommended ventilation requirements can be found here.