Survey shows 51% of Scots are sitting in the cold to reduce bills


NEW research has revealed that more than half of Scots are spending their time at home in the cold and dark for fear of rising household bills.

The Tackling the Cost of Living Crisis – 2023 Report by Barratt Developments Scotland – which includes Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes in Scotland – found that 51% of people in Scotland are having to keep lights switched off and suffer plummeting temperatures in a bid to save cash.

Rising costs and increasing mortgage rates are worrying all age categories, with 55% concerned about the impact of the energy crisis on bills.

These worries are changing home buying behaviours, as 55% of Scots researched revealed they are now more likely to consider buying a new build property to help save money.

A report by the Home Buyers’ Federation (HBF) showed that consumers living in new build houses could save on average £3,100 a year on their energy bills, compared to a similar Victorian home. Around 84% of new builds have an energy efficiency rating of A or B, compared to just 4% of existing housing in the UK.

Steve Mariner, group sales & marketing director at Barratt Developments, said, “The cost-of-living crisis is continuing to affect people across the country. It’s worrying to hear of people living in the cold and dark to save money on bills. The survey confirms that the need for affordable, energy-efficient housing is at a high, with more people likely to consider buying a new build property to help save money on bills.”

The survey forms part of a wider report from the housebuilder which looked at how life at home was changing in the face of the energy crisis. Additional research on 2,000 Brits found there has been a spike in consumers going back to things their grandparents did to save money, such as bringing back thermals and draught excluders.

Barratt Developments recently announced a mortgage contribution scheme, offering homebuyers up to £30,000 towards mortgage repayments.

The full report is available to read here.