JR Group gives back to local communities

PAISLEY-based scaffold and construction business, The JR Group, has announced it has contributed more than £75,000 to charities and local community groups as part of its community benefits programme in the last year.

Donations include buddy benches, construction and painting materials for community groups and institutions including schools, a local children’s club and a community hall for the elderly in Shettleston. Food has also been donated to those most in need.

The team also donated volunteering time to create a memorial garden for a school in Ayr, provided hoodies to a Shettleston children’s group and delivered clothes and essential items to citizens fleeing the conflict in Ukraine who were residing on a ship in Govan.

As part of the totals, the team raised £15,000 by taking part in the annual Kiltwalk event, which the construction firm is planning to participate in again this year.

Gayle O’Hear, construction admin manager at The JR Group, said, “Giving back to the communities that we help to build is a core element of our business here at The JR Group and we are proud to carry this through to the work we are doing in 2023. We already have a number of very worthwhile projects underway and are excited to make a real difference to the communities in which we are working.

“From the very small things we do, to some of the larger donations, we know they can make a massive impact and our teams are really inspired by the smiles they can create. Investing in communities is incredibly important to us a business and we look forward to building on our success in this area as we move forward in this coming year.”