ROCKWOOL expands range of on-demand CPDs

This article contains paid-for content created in collaboration with ROCKWOOL

Following the success of the ROCKWOOL CPD (Continuing Professional Development) module to help roofing contractors and specifiers mitigate fire risk in flat roofs, and in response to customer feedback, the company is now making the seminar available online to be completed on demand at

The CPD module has been developed to enhance industry understanding of regulations and provide guidance on determining relevant non-combustible classifications in flat roofing systems. It complements the whitepaper ‘Flat roofs: Managing fire risk in the fifth façade’ and other technical information about the insulation of flat roofs.

“The question of the combustibility of insulation products is not only important with regard to façade systems, roofs also play a big role in the fire safety of buildings,” explains Lisa  Stephens, Product Manager – Flat Roofs at ROCKWOOL. “We wanted to make this information more widely available to all roofing contractors and specifiers.”

The ‘Fifth Façade’ CPD explores the role of the roof in the spread of fire and the potential risks when non-combustible roof insulation is not carefully considered, especially when flat roofs are complex and multi-purpose in their function. The learning module also advises on current standards including BS EN 13501-5 ‘BROOF (t4) and how to future-proof current designs to meet future policy, as well as give greater protection to buildings and their users now.

The final section of the CPD outlines ROCKWOOL’s range of fire-resistant stone wool insulation products that are compatible with a variety of modern flat roof systems. Learn more about managing fire risk in flat roofs by completing the ROCKWOOL on demand CPD session.

‘Managing fire risk in the fifth facade’ is the latest addition to the growing library of ROCKWOOL’s on demand CPD modules. To date these include: ‘Fire Safety and Tall Building Facades’, ‘A-Rated Products’, ‘Building Envelope’ and ‘Compartmentation’. All CPD sessions that are available on demand can be accessed through the ROCKWOOL website at