Roof tile manufacturer launches woodland initiative for long-serving staff

RUSSELL Roof Tiles has launched a new Long Service Programme, which will give long-serving employees managed woodland from The Woodland Trust.

The initiative is designed to tie in with the pitched roof tile manufacturer’s sustainability goals.

Earlier this year Russell Roof Tiles announced a net zero pledge and outlined its strategy for both its Burton and Lochmaben sites, providing a direction toward the 2040 goal – 10 years earlier than the government’s agreed target.

To commemorate their hard work and dedication, woodland has been dedicated to each long-serving team member. The woodland, located close to the Burton site, has land dedicated to each member of staff at the firm, for them to go and visit, and even add to, in the future. Team members from Lochmaben are presented with dedicated trees at a Woodland Trust site in Scotland, too.

Andrew Hayward, MD at Russell Roof Tiles, said, “We are proud to have come up with a new, innovate and sustainable programme that is all about legacy. We’re incredibly proud of, and grateful for our team at Russell Roof Tiles. This new initiative helps us again invest in our local community whilst thanking our team at the same time.

“Having woodland that our team can visit, and add to, encourages eco consciousness and reflects our sustainability mission perfectly. A huge congratulations and thank you to them for their continued efforts at Russell Roof Tiles.”

The first recipients of the scheme include Ian Jones, works manager based in Lochmaben, who has been with the company for 30 years, and Araminta Chesters, finance director based at Burton, who has worked for the company for 10 years. Other recipients are Piotr Osses (operative), Vicky Gibbs (purchase ledger), Caroline Westwood (customer service supervisor), Paul Erskine (works manager), and James Pendleton (regional sales director).