PERI introduces rent-to-own scheme for formwork system

PERI has announced that its lightweight formwork system, DUO, is now available to rent after being a sale-only product since its UK launch in 2017.

The formwork and scaffolding specialist revealed it introduced the change to give its customers ‘greater flexibility and confidence’ when sourcing formwork systems for projects. With the option to rent DUO, customers can try the system on their projects before committing to buying it outright.

Rental customers will also benefit from the DUO rent-to-own scheme should they wish to purchase the system after. Any customer renting DUO will be eligible for 35% off the list price if they switch from renting to an outright purchase within the first six months of their rental agreement.

PERI added that challenges around the cost of timber and labour shortages highlight why DUO is the ‘ideal’ system for a range of applications, from basement construction to high-rise buildings. The firm said its ‘lightweight and intuitive’ design also help overcome more common problems, as it reduces crane usage and can improve assembly time when compared to traditional timber-based systems.

Sales director Gary Horne said, “We are pleased to be able to give our customers the option of renting DUO, especially at a time when labour and material costs are high. Having worked with so many DUO owners over the years, I am thrilled that we can now share this incredibly innovative product with new rental customers, enabling them to experience the speed and safety benefits on their projects too.”