Actuate UK calls for ‘focused and consistent policy approach’ to achieve carbon targets


ACTUATE UK is calling on the UK Government to work with engineering services to help deliver net zero ambitions, as COP27 gets underway in Egypt.

The alliance of engineering services described net zero opportunities as ‘burgeoning’.

Actuate added that engineering services are already driving ‘national energy resilience, strong, sustainable economic growth and the demand for more jobs’. This is the message the group is sending in response to Chris Skidmore MP’s recent net zero Review.

Paul Reeve, ECA director of CSR & deputy chair of Actuate UK net zero group, said, “The engineering services sector has an essential role in the delivery of ‘fabric first’ with its active carbon reduction measures in both new and existing buildings and infrastructure. Collaboration between government, clients, the product supply chain, the businesses that install and maintain products and systems, and users and operators will deliver effective, safer and sustainable net sero solutions.”

Actuate UK’s response to the review also highlighted the need for consumers and businesses to benefit from ‘consistent’ product and operational standards for net zero technology, and for product claims to be made ‘clear and comparable’.

Tom Garrigan, technical director for BSRIA and chair of Actuate UK net zero group, added, “Delivering comprehensible and applied guidance for businesses and consumers on the application of low carbon technologies gives the sector an opportunity to make a huge contribution to the drive for change. Information means there is no need to miss any opportunity on the path to net zero and beyond.”