Inverness wood panel specialist provides cool solution for ice rink covering

AN Inverness-based wood panel manufacturer has come up with a solution for a temporary cover for the ice rink at Inverness Ice Centre.

The centre’s CEO, Gordon Barron, sought the advice of West Fraser (trading as Norbord) on the centre’s desire for a ‘simple, easy-to-install’ covering for the ice to enable the space to be used to stage fundraising events when not in use for skating or ice sports.

“We wanted to cover a floor space of 1,176m²,” Gordon said. “West Fraser suggested we use SterlingOSB Zero and was able to offer the boards at a subsidised price through our local branch of Buildbase in Inverness.

“We can now prepare for fundraising events by laying 800 panels of SterlingOSB Zero and then covering the area in carpet, protecting the ice while giving us a useable surface.  Now that we’ve done it a few times, we are down to four hours, laying the floor by hand.

“We are looking to source the right lifting equipment to reduce the set-up time further.  We hired a small forklift but that wasn’t quite right, so we’ll keep on looking.

“We are grateful to West Fraser and Buildbase for their patience and substantial support.  The solution presented to us is light, so easy to lay, and the panels are cost-effective and readily available should the time come when we need to replace any of the boards.”