Inverness Airport station build sees road safety boost

Network Rail

NETWORK Rail is to permanently close two level crossings near the site of the new Inverness Airport train station.

The removal of the level crossings at Petty and Woodend comes as part of the wider enhancement works on the railway surrounding the development. A new pedestrian bridge, which is nearing completion, will replace the level crossing, as well as a fully lit path.

Jo Noble, Network Rail’s sponsor for the Inverness Airport station programme, explained, “The most effective way of reducing level crossing risk is to remove the crossing completely. Level crossings were part of a network built around 180 years ago, when there were fewer cars and the pace of life was much slower. If you were to build a railway today it would not have any level crossings.

“We are delighted that the development of the Airport station afforded us the opportunity to close both Petty and Woodend level crossings and we are grateful for the support of Highland Council in helping us deliver this safety improvement for the road and rail network.”