Firm reveals ‘pride’ in making Johnstone train station more accessible

Some of the project team at Johnstone train station
(Network Rail)

STORY Contracting has successfully delivered new lifts and a fully-accessible footbridge at Johnstone train station on behalf of Network Rail.

The rail organisation said the work will allow for easier platform access for people with impaired mobility and those travelling with luggage, children, or bicycles. It sees the footbridge take station users from the entrance over the railway, with the new lifts then able to take people down to platform level.

(Network Rail)

As part of Network Rail’s commitment to being a greener, more efficient railway, the project has been described as being ‘exemplary’ in its approach to community engagement and sustainability best practices.

Activities at Johnstone included donating and replanting small trees removed from the platform gardens to MossEdge Village. The team also used recycled construction materials -including low-carbon concrete – and reused materials to refurbish metal fencing. STEM sessions with pupils from the nearby Auchenlodment Primary School were also undertaken.

Brian O’Hare, contracts manager for Story Scotland, said, “The team worked around the clock to complete the scheme to improve access at Johnstone Station. Collectively we are proud to deliver such an important upgrade which gives residents and passengers the availability of new lifts and a footbridge, meaning that disabled and wheelchair users; the elderly; families with prams and pushchairs; and the many others who find it difficult to access the railway, will have a much safer and easier time now.”

Liam Sumpter, route director at Network Rail Scotland, added, “We are delighted to have completed this investment in Johnstone station and the new bridge and lifts will make the railway easily accessible to even more people in the local community. Scotland’s railway is working closely with Transport Scotland to deliver access improvements at as many stations as possible so we can open up the network and create more travel choices for people across the country.”