Property and construction specialist launches electric car scheme for employees

THOMAS & Adamson (T&A) has revealed it is demonstrating its commitment to net zero targets with a staff benefits scheme that will give employees the chance to run a new electric vehicle (EV).

The T&A ‘salary sacrifice scheme’ is expected to save 2.4 tonnes of carbon each year for every employee that switches from a combustion engine to a new zero emissions electric vehicle.

The T&A electric vehicle scheme was launched with an event featuring three new electric cars parked up at Lister Square outside the firm’s Edinburgh offices with test drives on offer and one-to-one sessions with ambassadors from scheme partners, Pike + Bambridge.

Alastair Wallace, senior partner at Thomas & Adamson, said, “This salary sacrifice scheme is a great addition to our staff benefits package and also the latest step in our drive towards net zero, reducing our carbon costs as a company and promoting sustainable ways of working that won’t cost the earth. It’s an exciting scheme that demonstrates just one of the many ways we are playing our part in the fight against climate change.

“Our offices have been designed with energy efficient facilities; but our buildings are just one part of the picture. Over the past few years, Thomas & Adamson has adopted a number of measures, including removal of single use/plastic materials from offices; PIR lighting; smart heating and air conditioning; significantly reduced travel and fully adopted virtual meetings where possible; gone paperless; introduced shower facilities to encourage staff to cycle to work; and encouraged flexible working, reducing the amount of travel by all staff.

“With these practices in place, we are leading by example for our clients, and we have a creative, collaborative team, motivated to do their best. It’s the best of both worlds.”