Livingston workshop to discuss proposals for asset safety and compliance framework

THE Scottish Procurement Alliance has announced details of a pre-tender engagement workshop for the upcoming ASC1 Asset Safety & Compliance framework.

The workshop will be held in the organisation’s Livingston office on Thursday September 15 at 9:30am.

SPA is inviting its public sector partners to attend the event to discuss proposals for the new framework. The workshop is designed to provide SPA with insight into demands, requirements and help shape the framework.

The ASC1 framework will give public sector bodies, including local authorities and housing associations, the chance to source expertise in a range of fire, gas and building safety, property protection, and maintenance services for asset stock all under one framework.

The framework will consolidate the existing Asbestos (AS2), Fire Safety (FS1) and Vacant Properties (V7) frameworks whilst adding Water Management and Heating Services.

SPA explained the exact scope may change following the pre-tender engagement but the services listed below are what are currently being considered:

• Workstream 1 – Asbestos Consultancy, Surveys and Removal

• Workstream 2 – Fire Safety Systems Servicing, Maintenance and Consultancy

• Workstream 3 – Vacant Property Protection and Associated Services

• Workstream 4 – Water Testing, Treatment and Management

• Workstream 5 – Gas Appliances and Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

• Workstream 6 – Passenger Lifts and Lifting Equipment Testing and Maintenance

• Workstream 7 – Lightning and Fall Protection Equipment

• Workstream 8 – HVAC Equipment Servicing and Maintenance

• Workstream 9 – Electrical Safety Testing

• Workstream 10 – Radon Gas Testing and Remedial Services

You can register for the workshop at