Hardies adds drone surveys to service offering

HARDIES Property & Construction Consultants has confirmed the business has added drone surveys to its service offering.

The firm revealed the drones produce ultra-high-definition images that allow ‘amazingly accurate surveys’ to be carried out in a timely manner.

Drones can reach all high level areas of a property, providing an advantage over the use of traditional access methods. There are also health and safety benefits by removing the risk of having a surveyor working at high level.

Shaun Buchan, partner at Hardies, said, “Drone surveys are an additional tool that we use to deliver a thorough and excellent service to our clients, enabling them to maintain and upkeep their property, while at the same time keeping our team safe when at work. We have now completed our trial and testing period for the drone department and have several pilots ready to provide drone services across our nationwide office network.”