Active travel projects approved to connect with Berryden Corridor works

ABERDEEN City Council has confirmed that two projects to encourage people to walk or cycle more on streets and are designed to connect to the Berryden Corridor Improvement Project have been approved.

A business case for the Ashgrove Connects project – for streets west of the Berryden Corridor – and a preferred route for the Skene Square to city centre project – south of the Corridor – were agreed by members on the city growth and resources committee.

The Ashgrove Connects project has been investigating with the local community what improvements could be made to nearby streets and is aimed at enabling people to choose a more active and sustainable lifestyle to make the most of opportunities to complement the proposed infrastructure changes along the Berryden Corridor.

Subject to a successful funding bid, detailed design for the plans will be worked on and the local authority explained that changes to Ashgrove Road and Ashgrove Road West would mean greater priority to people, enhance public space, improve access to shops and facilities, and improve active travel.

For the Skene Square to city centre project, the committee agreed a preferred option for the route and to progress the development of detailed design at the same time as the work currently being undertaken for the Berryden Corridor.

Councillor Alex McLellan, city growth and resources committee convener, said, “It is good to see progress on two schemes which will connect and complement the Berryden Corridor Improvement Project. The Berryden Corridor and these two schemes will improve the efficiency of the road, cycleway, and pavement network through improving journey time reliability, relieving congestion, and improving infrastructure for walking and cycling.”

Council co-leader councillor Ian Yuill added, “These three projects will be a major upgrade to the city’s roads network as Berryden Road and nearby roads operate beyond capacity leading to significant congestion and journey time delays, particularly at peak times. We look forward to hearing progress for the Berryden Corridor and these complementary projects in the coming months.”