Dundee house builds at highest level in over a decade


THE number of houses built in Dundee last year was at its highest level for more than a decade, the city’s local authority has revealed.

Dundee City Council’s housing land audit states that 524 new homes were completed in the city in 2021/22, the highest number in a single year since 2009 when 621 houses were built.

The figures have been welcomed by Mark Flynn, convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee. He said, “Housebuilding is one of the city’s key economic sectors, which as well as creating valuable homes for families in Dundee, provides jobs and helps to regenerate empty sites.

“Taken together all of this helps to cut carbon emissions with each new, modern home delivering environmental standards.

“The construction sector is one of the city’s major employers, with housebuilding creating jobs on site building homes, in the supply chain and off-site in professional services like architects and surveyors. On average, each new home built in Dundee typically supports up to two jobs every year.”