Work underway on build of ‘life-changing’ properties in Kilmarnock

East Ayrshire Council

CCG’s work on East Ayrshire Council’s first net zero housing development at Bellevue Gardens in Kilmarnock is well underway.

The development includes eight two-bed cottage flats, six two-bed homes, one three-bed wheelchair accessible bungalow, two three-bed homes, and one four-bed home.

Designed by the local authority in partnership with CCG and MAST Architects, the builds embrace new technology with the council saying it is the ‘future of house building’ in Scotland.

Net zero will be achieved through a combination of enhanced building fabric such as thicker insulation and triple-glazed windows that will reduce heat loss. The homes will also be fitted with air source heat pumps and an advanced ventilation system to promote clear air-flow.

CCG MD, David Wylie, said, “Since 2017, CCG and East Ayrshire Council have successfully delivered over 200 affordable homes across the region. Working collaboratively with our partners, we developed the East Ayrshire design standard; creating homes that focus on quality, energy performance, and the needs of the tenant at every opportunity, and now, with the commencement of construction at Bellevue Gardens, we have reached an important milestone in the evolution of house building within the local authority area.

“Scotland’s net zero future is coming and it is a testament to the council that they are taking the necessary steps forward now. We are privileged that they chose CCG and our ‘Net Zero Home’ build standard and we will proudly deliver East Ayrshire’s first ever net zero homes in the heart of Kilmarnock.”

Councillor Jim McMahon, cabinet spokesperson for housing at East Ayrshire Council, added, “These homes are going to be life-changing for local residents. They will help to tackle fuel poverty through their clever design and provide freedom for those with community care needs. Bonnyton is a warm and welcoming community and I know, from talking to Nan and Rene that our tenants will quickly become part of the community.”