Terry Healy Group commits to Business Green Pledge

TERRY Healy Group has committed to the Business Green Pledge as the Dalkeith-headquartered firm looks to show its ‘dedication’ to Scotland’s net zero journey.

The company said that a focus on the environment and sustainability is at ‘the heart of the business’, with it making a ‘conscious decision’ to ‘pivot’ the business to a focus on renewables.

It is currently in the process of moving its fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as upskilling its engineers at the Energy Training Academy so they are fully trained in the installation of heat pumps, solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, and battery storage devices.

Furthermore, the firm said it operates a ‘predominantly’ paperless business with orders, invoices, and information all being digital. It added that it is ready to take on technological advances, including potential training for hydrogen boiler installation and upgrades.

Terry Healy, owner and director of Terry Healy Group, said, “Being green is a long term goal for our business and embodies our business ethos. With the exponential increase in demand for sustainable materials and energy sources, we want to be at the forefront and ready to meet customers’ needs and requirements while also ensuring we are doing our bit for the environment.

“Our continued investment in the business is ensuring that we are ready and well on our way helping Midlothian and Scotland’s net zero goals. Committing to the Green Pledge is the next stage in our journey, giving access to expert advice, support and a sounding board for our future initiatives.”