New product hailed as ‘the future of site security’ unveiled

SAFER Security Group has announced the launch of its Safer Pod S1 product, described as the next generation of site security technology.

The product, which has already been taken up by various tier 1 contractors, boasts intelligent visual verification which captures the ‘clearest and highest quality’ images yet, Safer Security Group explained, while its anti-masking sensors detect attempts to mask the detector and raise the alarm.

Smart tilt and impact sensors immediately alert if a pod is moved or tampered with.

Ryan Clark, founder and CEO of Safer Security Group, said, “Wireless battery powered security systems, commonly known as ‘Daleks’, are not a new concept. The Safer Pod S1 represents the next generation of this concept.

“We have been flooded with enquiries for the Safer Pod S1 from the UK and abroad since we unveiled our prototype at an event towards the end of 2021 and have since carried out a number of successful trials across the UK. With our production capacity fully secured we are now ready to launch formally.”

A 30-metre 360-degree intruder detection zone is continuously scanned for threats. Equipped with live spectrum analysis, the device is said to distinguish real threats from interference such as wildlife. High-intensity sounders with flashing strobe provide a 120db alarm siren upon detection of an intruder.

Armed also with signal jamming detection, the Safer Pod S1 can alert Safer Security Group’s 24-hour manned control room to any attempts to jam wireless communication channels. The product can be managed by an app which allows clients to arm, disarm and view activity.

Safer Security Group MD Phil Bunting added, “The future of site security is here.”