£7.2m redevelopment project underway in Dumfries

THE first phase of major £7.2 million redevelopment at Midsteeple Quarter in Dumfries is underway.

RH Irving Construction is leading the works, which will see a disused site at 135-139 High Street turned into new homes and business units. Community-owned enterprise, Midsteeple Quarter, purchased the vacant buildings to bring them back into use.

The project is being supported by £3.4 million in Scottish Government funding, with planning and community wealth minister, Tom Arthur, visiting the site to mark the commencement of works.

Community wealth minister, Tom Arthur MSP, said, “I welcome this project to bring vacant buildings at Midsteeple Quarter back into use as housing and other sustainable solutions to meet the town’s needs and interests. It is already helping people to live well locally.

“Innovative projects like this demonstrate the powerful role communities can have in helping transform their town centres and neighbourhoods by investing in their future, and I’m delighted that investment from the Scottish Government and COSLA’s £25 million Regeneration Capital Grant Fund will help make it a reality.

“As part of our National Strategy for Economic Transformation, the Scottish Government will do all it can to support projects that help create the fairer, greener and more prosperous Scotland we all want to see.”

South of Scotland Enterprise chair, professor Russel Griggs, added, “This is another huge milestone for Midsteeple Quarter and the transformation of Dumfries town centre. The project has reached this stage thanks to the hard work of the Midsteeple Quarter team, the input of the Dumfries public and support of  public, private and third sector organisations.

“SOSE is committed to helping revitalise town centres across the South to become greener, vibrant and more inclusive places.”

Midsteeple Quarter chair, Peter Kormylo, commented, “We are incredibly proud of the progress that the people of Dumfries have made to get us to this stage and extremely grateful to everyone supporting us financially for the faith they are showing in helping turn the ambitions of townsfolk into a reality.

“It is an important moment for the town to see work get underway. But there is a great deal more that we hope to achieve as we pursue the vision that residents have for Midsteeple Quarter. A lot of eyes are upon us as we demonstrate how community ownership can deliver a stronger, fairer, more sustainable future.”