Disaster recovery specialist invests £50,000 in new tech to aid growth plans

Dev Pabla

RAINBOW International Edinburgh, a disaster recovery and cleaning specialist, has invested £50,000 on advanced equipment as part of the company’s growth plan.

The firm provides disaster recovery and restoration services to domestic and commercial clients across the east and central Scotland.

The business revealed it has enjoyed a ‘steady expansion’ of its services recently with a leak detection facility complementing its established support for clients affected by fire, flood or water escape.

The investment in new technology is designed to take its rapid response service offering to ‘another level’, with the equipment including the latest ‘environment-friendly’ drying systems as well as thermal imaging cameras and remote monitoring systems.

“Many of the UK’s top insurance companies choose us on behalf of their policyholders’ claims as well as commercial organisations,” said Dev Pabla, MD of Rainbow International Edinburgh. “When an issue arises such as a major flood, it can be a very worrying time for those involved. With our new equipment, we can make the whole process so much less stressful for the customer.

“Pressure drying can be used to stabilise voids and cavities, where water has migrated into insulation or air gaps that are not accessible with standard drying. It is something we’re doing more and more of and I want to provide a better offering to customers when it comes to that kind of solution for affected properties.

“The equipment will help us conduct less invasive drying, so we can dry hidden or void areas without the need of anything needing to be stripped out. For example, if a washing machine or dishwasher leaks badly in the kitchen, the floor might have to get ripped up, the kitchen would then need to come out, furniture may need to be put into storage and depending on the severity of the situation, the customer may need to be relocated into alternative accommodation.

“Having this equipment means we can dry the affected areas without the accompanying hassle for the people in the house, as long as the integrity of the building material has not been affected in any way.

“I’m also very focused on reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. As a business we are doing what we can to become net zero carbon and I wanted to operate these new drying machines as they are so much more eco-friendly.”

Mr Pabla, who has been running the Edinburgh franchise of Rainbow International since 2017, acquired the Fife operation in 2020. He hopes this further investment will help to establish the firm as Scotland’s leading disaster restoration specialist with Edinburgh, the Lothians, Fife, Borders, Stirling and Perth all covered by his team of qualified technicians.

“The investment is designed to continue our growth while easing the inconvenience for customers and cutting down on disruption and, significantly, the waste involved,” he explained. “With the ongoing battle against climate change, that benefit of the investment is very important to me. We have a strong base as we emerge from the pandemic and I’m excited at now building on those foundations as we move forward.”