Ayrshire railway line reopens following ‘extensive’ repair work to ‘unusual’ void

Network Rail

THE railway line between Kilmarnock and Barassie is to reopen following ‘extensive’ work to repair an ‘unusual’ void which opened up close to its tracks, Network Rail has confirmed.

It was initially suspected that the void, which was found on June 4, was a mine shaft or mining feature, given the rich mining heritage in the area. However, work with the Coal Authority concluded that this wasn’t the case.

Network Rail

The cause was found to be a historic culvert lying underneath the railway, which has now been replaced with a modern equivalent to allow the route to reopen safely.

Network Rail

While the line was closed, Network Rail engineers also brought forward planned work on a bridge immediately west of the site, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance in the future.

James Montgomery, senior programme manager for Network Rail, said, “We’re very pleased to be able to announce the re-opening of the line between Kilmarnock and Barassie. We’ve carried out an extensive programme of investigation, excavation, and repair work that will allow trains to travel through this location from Monday.

“I’d like to thank passengers and freight users for their patience and understanding.”