Scottish lecturer earns national accolade for inspiring young civil engineers

Dr Rebecca Wade

SCOTTISH lecturer Dr Rebecca Wade has been named the Institution of Civil Engineers’ (ICE) STEM Ambassador of the Year for ‘inspiring the next generation of civil engineers to work with nature for a more sustainable future’.

Dr Wade, a senior lecturer in environmental science at Abertay University, who was recently named ICE Scotland’s STEM Ambassador of the Year, received the UK-wide accolade after engaging with young people to encourage them to consider a career in civil engineering.

She said, “I am delighted to have been named ICE’s 2022 STEM Ambassador of the Year– especially given the excellent work all the other regional winners have demonstrated. I would like to congratulate all of them and to recognise STEM ambassadors across the UK for their sterling work.

“I am passionate about STEM outreach and particularly the need to address gender imbalance. I hope that my enthusiasm and energy have inspired others to get into civil and environmental engineering, and the need to address the climate crisis, global biodiversity decline and social inequality.

“Given these combined challenges, all of us need to be more imaginative and more effective in the way we build and manage our built environment. Civil and environmental engineers play a crucial role in ensuring we gain maximum benefits for our communities and for the natural environments that sustain us all.

“I have no doubt that through collaborative working with allied professions we will ensure our next generations can find innovative solutions to these complex problems.” are engaging with the need to address the climate crisis, global biodiversity decline, and social inequality.”

ICE Scotland chair, David Cole, added, “All STEM Ambassadors do an amazing job of inspiring the next generation of civil engineers across the UK and they all deserve our praise and thanks. It is clear Rebecca is very passionate about what she does, particularly by taking numerous routes to inspire young people and this award is very well deserved.”