New fund opens to help NFRC members attract fresh talent


THE NFRC Charitable Trust has approved a new Inclusion Fund to help National Federation of Roofing Contractors members attract and retain diverse talent.

Grants are available for activities including insight days, site visits and online events, with the aim of engaging people from a range of backgrounds in learning about the career opportunities available in the roofing industry.

The Inclusion Fund is a one-year pilot funding/grant process. Members who use the Fund are encouraged to focus on progression opportunities, rather than just participation —meaning the emphasis should be on ‘quality experiences’ that can help lead to career opportunities or strong further interest, rather than simply getting large numbers of people to attend, with not much real engagement.

Labour shortages and skills gaps are an ongoing issue in the roofing sector and the wider construction industry. NFRC’s State of the Roofing Industry survey for Q1 of 2022 showed that over a third of firms were struggling to recruit slaters and tilers, with others struggling to hire cladders, lead workers and built-up felt roofers.

Applications to the Inclusion Fund are welcomed from all NFRC members. Applications for between £500 and £1,000 are welcome for insight days, site and employer visits, careers talks to local schools or community groups, and online or practical insight sessions. Grants of up to £2,000 are available for activities that might require more resources and investment, such as additional equipment and PPE, or training staff on diversity and inclusion.

Ruth Scarrott, NFRC’s head of careers, said, “We need to keep the focus on what matters: creating a culture change within the roofing sector, where leaders and their employees are committed to attracting and retaining diverse talent in the business throughout the employee life cycle.

“I urge members to work together in collaboration to increase the representation of currently under-represented groups at all levels across the roofing sector. We should all emphasise inclusion, so that we can build our sector to be a place that attracts, develops, retains and fully engages diverse individuals. We are looking forward to receiving your application.”

Peter Rogerson OBE, chair of the NFRC Charitable Trust, added, “The trustees of the NFRC Charitable Trust are delighted to support this new Inclusion Fund to help NFRC members to improve diversity in the sector, and to raise awareness about opportunities and careers in roofing for people from a wide range of backgrounds. We look forward to supporting new activities to inspire people to join our sector.”

Information on the Inclusion Fund is available on the NFRC website.