Air cadets flying high thanks to housebuilder donation

A group of RAF Air Cadets have benefited from a £250 donation from Dandara East Scotland.

The housebuilder donated the money to help purchase new outdoor training equipment and uniforms for the Cadets of 2466 (Loanhead) Squadron, who range in ages from 12-18.

Squadron Commander, Flying Officer Steve Parry, said, “We originally wrote to Dandara to ask if they would like to make a small donation to sponsor a race at a recent charity event and were so pleased when they generously offered to give us £250 instead. The money will be put to good use helping buy new equipment and uniforms for the Squadron.

“Although the Royal Air Force provides our blue uniform, we also need MTP (multi-terrain pattern) for activities like leadership, fieldcraft and first aid lessons, really anything where the team are likely to get muddy.”

The Loanhead-based Squadron offers activities such as flying and gliding. It also provides qualifications in aviation studies, along with Duke of Edinburgh Award training and expeditions.

Lisa Archibald, head of sales at Dandara East Scotland, said, “The Air Cadets do a fantastic job teaching young people about the importance of bravery, discipline, teamwork and resilience, lessons that are so important for us all after the pandemic. We were pleased to give them this donation and wish them every success.”

Dandara is currently selling new homes at Ashgrove in Straiton, which is just a few minutes away from Loanhead.

To celebrate World Environment Day, the housebuilder also recently donated robin nests to Danderhall and Loanhead Primary Schools. The aim is to support the local robin population during the winter months when their numbers are under threat if they do not have a fresh supply of food and a cosy nest to live in.

The robin brushwood nests are supplied by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The nests have been installed in quiet areas of the school playgrounds in hollows, climbing plants and tree roots, providing a concealed location to rest and lay eggs. The nests will be monitored by pupils and will help teach them the importance of caring for the environment and nature around them.