Visitor experience designs for £35m Inverness Castle revamp show immersive forests and cèilidhs

INITIAL concept designs for the visitor experience within the gardens and South Tower of Inverness Castle have been revealed.

The castle is currently undergoing a £35 million transformation from a prison and courtroom into a ‘world-class’ visitor attraction.

New images from designers, Mather & Co, highlight how the visitor experience will utilise the ‘very latest’ technology to ‘excite the senses’ with full 360-degree immersion through audio, interactive, and digital means.

Visitors will be guided with traditional Scottish storytelling, with visitors connecting with Highland stories through a series of themed immersive rooms – which will allow them to walk through forests, gather round the fire for a story time, join in a cèilidh, and witness iconic moments of Highland history.

Chris Mather, CEO of Mather & Co, said, “We want visitors to be amazed and surprised by the incredible stories collected and to be inspired to step out into the Highlands to find and create their own stories.

“We are very excited to be able to share with people some of the designs which are going to make Inverness Castle a first class and compelling destination attraction.

“Our work aims to showcase the rich heritage of the Highlands as well as the Castlehill itself.”

Director of the Inverness Castle project, Fiona Hampton, added, “Mather & Co have really brought their creativity, experience and innovation to the project. Their approach will consider the whole experience of the visitor, including what people see and interact with before, during and after their visit, to make sure that everyone who visits the castle has an incredible time and can’t wait to return.”