Ex-Hardies senior partner hails firm’s success and digital transformation

Charlie Downie and Danny McArthur

A former Hardies senior partner was left ‘speechless’ after witnessing the pace of digital transformation at the firm’s Dunfermline office.

Charlie Downie paid a visit to Hardies Property & Construction Consultants’ local office 25 years after retiring as senior partner.

Having retired in 1997, Mr Downie had not set foot inside an office for quarter of a century, so he accepted an invitation from Hardies’ current senior partner, Danny McArthur, to see the changes that have taken place in the construction industry and the firm where he worked for some 45 years.

“The transformation in how the firm operates now since my time is unrecognisable!” he said. “I recall that my own office was always jam-packed with paper from floor to ceiling so that I could hardly see my desk so I could hardly believe it when Danny showed me his office: no paper just two computer screens!

“Danny started with us not long before I retired, so to see him now as senior partner is fantastic. And having retired 25 years ago, I’m delighted to see that Hardies has continued to thrive and grow to become one of the largest and most successful surveying firms in the country today.”

When Mr Downie retired, Hardies did not have a building surveying team. Today, the firm boasts the largest team of building surveyors in Scotland, while other departments introduced since 1997 include health & safety, housing, energy and retail.

And having been paperless for five years, the company has grown from eight offices to 13.

Mr McArthur added, “Despite all these changes, Hardies has managed to retain the same ‘family-feel’ culture that Charlie installed all those years ago. Once you’re in this business, you’re forever part of the ‘family’.

“It was a privilege to be able to introduce Charlie to some of our staff and show him the changes we’ve made since his retiral 25 years ago, though it does make me wonder how our office will look 25 years from now in 2047!”