Tenders invited for South Lanarkshire project after winning firm withdraws bid

Image credit: Google, 2022

TENDERS are to be invited for a South Lanarkshire Council project to replace Clyde Bridge in Clydesdale.

A contract had already been awarded for the works previously, but the winning firm then withdrew their bid citing that they could not deliver the project within tender price – with the second ranked contractor saying the same.

On the back of this, the local authority announced in February that it would explore new ways to deliver the replacement. However, despite saying that market conditions affecting the construction sector remain ‘volatile’, it is to invite tenders in a ‘similar manner’ as before.

Colin Park, head of roads and transportation services at South Lanarkshire Council, said, “It has been a frustrating period for all involved with this project, however recommencing the procurement stage of the project is a real positive step forward as we look to deliver on the commitment to build a replacement bridge at this location.

“Given the financial pressures the evaluation criteria have been adjusted to provide a greater focus on prices, while an appropriate level of technical/quality will also be secured.”

A shorter validity period for the tenders will also be adopted, which the council said will allow contractors to submit more definitive prices. It added that the revised tender package will be available by mid-April, with a return expected by late summer/early Autumn and a delivery programme being developed thereafter.