Programme aims to help SMEs land public sector deals

EACH year the UK public sector tenders out £290 billion+ buying goods and services and is focused on increasing the SME share of this spend to over £96 billion by the end of 2022.

There are over 12,000 new contracts advertised every month, varying by sector, duration and value. The public sector now, more than ever, provides a chance for businesses of all sizes to secure new contracts.

Public contracts tend to offer guaranteed work, favourable payment terms, medium to long-term agreements and buyers who are not going to go out of business.

There’s an enormous opportunity for businesses with the right bid-writing skills and expertise to capture their share of these valuable contracts.

However, according to bidding and tender specialist AM Bid, most SMEs are not currently tendering for public sector business, and of those that are, less than half are bidding successfully.

The firm identified that many SMEs need help and support with bidding, and has now developed a new programme called Ultimate Tender Coach to remedy the situation.

David Gray, MD at AM Bid and co-creator of Ultimate Tender Coach, explained, “It’s no secret that public sector contracts can be extremely lucrative, and for large businesses it’s easy to take advantage of professional bid writing services like those we provide at AM Bid, or to employ dedicated in-house specialists.

“But for small businesses, this can be beyond their reach, leaving people with potentially minimal bid writing experience to write responses, with varying degrees of success.

“We developed the Ultimate Tender Coach programme to help them understand the bid process and how to write winning submissions.”

Ultimate Tender Coach includes a 25-hour online training programme which can then be used as an in-house bid resource, an invite to join a one-hour weekly Q&A coaching call and access to a private group sharing news, insights and opportunities.

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