New £30m investment to focus on innovation in the construction of highways

THE UK Government has announced its intention to take a ‘particular focus’ on the construction, maintenance and running of highways as part of a new £30 million investment.

The funding will support projects which aim to decarbonise local highway infrastructure in regions across the UK, as part of ambitions to create cleaner air and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

It comes as part of the Live Labs scheme. Initially launched in 2019, previous projects in the scheme included the use of fibre cables to detect vibrations from vehicles to ‘dynamically’ change signal junctions to combat congestion; the use of drones to detect potholes; and the trial of plastic roads to boost value for money in the construction of highways.

UK Government transport minister, Trudy Harrison, said, “Investing in innovation is a priority for this government. That’s why we’re supporting local highways authorities to develop cutting-edge projects and help drive our decarbonisation mission.

“Our £30 million investment will go towards a greener, safer transport landscape. It will help create green, high-skilled jobs across the country and I look forward to seeing these innovative ideas brought to life.”